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  • Publicado em 23 Nov 2022
  • Which was the best gift I gave Deji?
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  • @YouTube

    wholesome Deji and Simon content ❤

  • @sam9239

    This just really shows you that Deji never really hated any of them, he just is a very emotionally driven person. He wears his heart on his sleeve. So when he was still younger back then, he didn't know how to process negativity and stuff. Even if it wasn't serious. But it's good to see Deji reflect on this times and make an active effort to change. He remains the bright light in every room he enters, whilst moving away from being the opposite when hardship comes his way. I can see Simon genuinely thinks of Deji as younger bro. These two are a great duo.

  • @vizioprizio

    Deji is such a wholesome and appreciative person

  • @TimeBucks

    These two together warm my heart

  • @darrendimmock6470

    Can we just appreciate how much Simon actually loves and cares for Jj and Deji and yet there parents think he uses JJ

  • @hihowrya370

    The fact that Simon actually invited Deji to hang out and make a video after Deji asked him to invite him out because he got no one to go out with is really wholesome. (Deji asked Simon out in What's Good)

  • @Aaillyy

    Simon and Deji duo is truly one for the Sidemen OGs :")

  • @sou021
    @sou021  +1

    Simon shouting out Talia’s sisters brand is such a wholesome W

  • @princessgirlhehe

    Literally couldn’t stop smiling throughout the whole video, The most wholesome moments seeing his reaction for every gift. You can just tell how appreciative Deji is!

  • @yaserkhalid4867

    Deji's reactions are priceless

  • @user_apU201hMnO

    One of the things I love about Dej, he's so grateful for everything that's bought for him. Respect

  • @Annie-vj8gt

    This is so wholesome. Simon you’re a great friend and Deji content is always awesome to see

  • @darrenhardy78

    Deji is such a wholesome dude I smiled from start to finish

  • @shanebhanot7011

    What a duo man Simon and Deji, what a wholesome moment for the boys

  • @PiyushKumar-nj7sh

    man deji is fucking hilarious. i literally cant stop laughing at this video. his comedic timing is perfect

  • @adamcarroll9937

    The genuine appreciation from Deji is epic. A kind wholesome man right there.

  • @greongel
    @greongel  +50

    I am glad they finally realise how good of a sport Deji is when he's not nervous.

  • @elena-zg4ry

    dejis face looking at the billboard is so wholesome man

  • @romanpearce3736

    honestly, such a wholesome video, it's enough to make a grown man cry.

  • @MrKiko002

    This was so wholesome and amazing to watch.