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  • Publicado em 13 Mar 2023
  • Do I have the best setup out of the Sidemen?
    Huge shoutout to PC Specialist: bit.ly/miniminter
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  • @youngbender6278

    Who's looking for JJ Comment?

  • @lachlan

    Okay this setup is too clean, Kon's done a madness 🔥

  • @abbu_a7

    Its just sooo soo good to see him get to this point from where he started. Many of us have been following him since a decade now and it surely does make us "Aww" by seeing him do great things in life everyday.

  • @zachharvey2720


  • @YouTube

    smashed it 🔥🔥

  • @tau9956
    @tau9956  +428

    It’s amazing to see how Simon has grown. He is living the dream of every person.Keep working hard and you will achieve all your dreams.Very inspiring, Great work !!

  • @Abir-Kl
    @Abir-Kl  +386

    The way both Simon and Talia reacted the same way at

  • @vedantpandey4929

    This office is amazing but nothing beats the Sidemen house ❤️

  • @deathcureyt344

    Knowing where he came from, to where he is today inspires you to work even harder. Living life to the fullest and spreading love is the way Simon made it in life, inspiring others to do the same.

  • @calvynwierson2111

    I'm actually in awe of how amazing this setup looks. Congrats on how far you've come Simon 👏

  • @HarveySDMNFL

    i love this set up! Well done to Talia for the design. Simon keep killing it bro!

  • @AndrewTang-zz1ry

    That truly is an amazing setup. Congrats to all involved. It's a masterpiece.

  • @connorusina756

    Absolutely love this vid! Good mix from the usual vids and the setup is sick! Congrats, you’ve earned it🔥

  • @krabby994
    @krabby994  +244

    Simon's setup looks sick asf! 🔥 video.

  • @HarrieSilver

    Room is looking SO sick! You're gonna have the best time creating content here

  • @ravichandra8294

    Simon always has the best setups and he deserves it because he posts the most

  • @Conkel62

    This room in general is so so sick. Love the cool items and everything


    This was inspiring to watch - well done!

  • @peterosterman5245

    The setup, immaculate. The editing, unmatched 🔥🔥

  • @poppy5201

    This is probably my favorite setup iv ever seen. Actually functional and really cool!