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  • Publicado em 28 Ago 2023
  • It's about time I spoke about this...
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Comentários • 0

  • Jamezyyy
    Jamezyyy 28 dias atrás +632

    seeing simons face reacting to ethan and his mrs is just golden lmao

  • Myles Brackenbury
    Myles Brackenbury 29 dias atrás +1143

    simons face during ethan and faiths podcast clip is perfect😂faith gettin a little too comfortable on the internet

    • Firstand Last name
      Firstand Last name 28 dias atrás +15

      What’s the context
      What did Harry and jj predict??

    • bella l.
      bella l. 28 dias atrás +80

      @Firstand Last nameharry said he couldn’t wait to see faith and ethan getting into a fight on their podcast

    • Theo
      Theo 28 dias atrás +50

      Jj and harry literally get naked in front of their friends and the crew. But faith talking about her boobs is too much?

    • Jack Keane
      Jack Keane 28 dias atrás +16

      @Theoshe’s literally a mother

  • Dwaynne Way
    Dwaynne Way 29 dias atrás +1671

    You should do these Reddit videos more often, always great to watch.

    • ChaosForever
      ChaosForever 29 dias atrás +16

      yeah but he gives away money every time

    • Good Man ꑭ
      Good Man ꑭ 29 dias atrás +34

      Not enough post to react he said it before 😅

    • DTM
      DTM 29 dias atrás +11

      Then he will have the fairy’s hating saying he only posts reddits

  • Arief Nugroho
    Arief Nugroho 29 dias atrás +1179

    I think the farming video was a much enjoyable video to watch for me. Just the sidemen hanging out while attempting to farm

    • Bilal Iqbal
      Bilal Iqbal 28 dias atrás +26

      Yeah exactly. I personally really REALLY enjoyed it.. When there's a bit of freedom it allows for the boys to create more of their banter and besides that video itself might have unintentionally started a series. What if they become err.. car salesman for 24 hours? There's room for a series right there if they nail it right.

    • Bip
      Bip 28 dias atrás +14

      Yeah the fact simon said the 20 v 1 is more enjoyable than the farm video is outrageous

    • Edo Fluit
      Edo Fluit 28 dias atrás +6

      @Bip how are some people so alien to the concept of SUBJECTIVE jezus christ man xD

    • Bip
      Bip 28 dias atrás +4

      @Edo Fluit there is subjectivity and then common consensus, and the common consensus is the farm video is better so...

  • Sidemen gang
    Sidemen gang 29 dias atrás +837

    Simon doesn’t deserve the hate at all. We need to appreciate the consistency of this man cause we never know when it’s the end 🐐

    • Twisted Panda
      Twisted Panda 29 dias atrás +7

      It's just the vik cult back at it

    • Dbrad
      Dbrad 29 dias atrás +49

      It's the reason people were annoyed at him that I found annoying. He BS'd a little bit so his friends wouldn't get hurt as much from punishments even Harry couldn't handle and admitted they were too much but people started crying cause their baby brains from the comfort of their own home couldn't see someone getting hurt

    • Florian
      Florian 29 dias atrás +9

      Doing tricks on it!!

    • AYN
      AYN 29 dias atrás +29

      @Twisted PandaNo its Harry’s stans that cant accept that the forfeits were too extreme so they just start hating on Simon.

  • Gdawg
    Gdawg 28 dias atrás +72

    There is nothing wrong with being the lanky sexy offender who is occasionally funny!!

  • toon tokz
    toon tokz 29 dias atrás +190

    Simon is a man of god.. ill wait for the edit

  • R S
    R S 29 dias atrás +439

    Simon proving everyone else’s reaction to faith to be spot on…😂

    • Lorcanzo
      Lorcanzo 29 dias atrás +4

      ? Simon likes faith wym

    • Sean White
      Sean White 27 dias atrás +2

      Facts imagine that being your misses Ethans been walked all over😂

  • Dillon Shanks
    Dillon Shanks 28 dias atrás +26

    9:42 The farm video was infinitely better than any 20 vs 1 video

  • Rakim Mayers
    Rakim Mayers 28 dias atrás

    I love all the sidemen equally you guys are just the best combo

  • kat
    kat 29 dias atrás +41

    Love the hair Simon, dunno what the hate is over...... ❤ would love to see sidemen do another camping video ⛺️

  • noidea
    noidea 29 dias atrás +7016

    If Ethan and Faith are still together in 10 years time I will become a man of God because they ain't getting there without divine assistance

    • skectoa
      skectoa 29 dias atrás +865

      thats the funniest mean comment I have ever read 😂😂

    • Farhad
      Farhad 29 dias atrás +955

      Biggest issue is making their relationship public

    • Jeoq
      Jeoq 29 dias atrás +33


    • mythrical
      mythrical 29 dias atrás +427

      Way. Too. Much. Information.

    • Me Myself
      Me Myself 29 dias atrás +190

      "We can make a comic out of it" amount of information

  • Ameya Gokhale
    Ameya Gokhale 29 dias atrás +366

    Tox-sick got the pipe... Simon you'd said he'd win it If he continued the series... You gotta give the guy his props he went 20 days consecutively after that as well.

    • Hawkeye_02
      Hawkeye_02 29 dias atrás +55

      Why can’t people understand that he only said there was a high chance. 😭😭 it was never guaranteed from the start

    • Ameya Gokhale
      Ameya Gokhale 29 dias atrás +18

      @Hawkeye_02 But come on the effort he put in... That's 40 days... He gave 2 posts the award last time...

    • Quintin Ervig
      Quintin Ervig 29 dias atrás +34

      @Ameya Gokhalewow bro edited an image 40 days in a row so impressive

    • Uz
      Uz 29 dias atrás +31

      It was just not good by the end. Wasn’t that much effort or funny

    • Brexitmeansbrexit
      Brexitmeansbrexit 29 dias atrás +9

      @Uz realistically there isn’t that many things that you can edit on someone’s face so just keeping it up for that long was impressive

  • Dniuy Jei
    Dniuy Jei 12 dias atrás

    Give these guys more credit they get called dumb thing but keep on going

  • Devante 456
    Devante 456 29 dias atrás

    Simon you make the best content honestly

  • Awot Kovr
    Awot Kovr 13 dias atrás

    Simon don't listen to the haircut haters! The buzz cut and beard combo looks great, I think it suits you better than any other hairstyle!

  • ave!ry!
    ave!ry! 29 dias atrás +10

    you’ve always been my favorite sideman simon :)

  • Sean White
    Sean White 27 dias atrás +10

    Simons reaction to faith is how real people see that situation shes a walking red flag😂

  • Curtisd17
    Curtisd17 29 dias atrás +7

    Ginge is absolutely hilarious 😂 hope he wins the pro clubs

    • A YouTube User
      A YouTube User 27 dias atrás

      No he isn't. He just shouts. He literally is just a Speed wannabe

  • K P
    K P 29 dias atrás +52

    Idc what anyone says, Simon looks SO FINE with a buzz cut! do your thing king

  • Apollogold
    Apollogold 29 dias atrás +533

    Simon you and Talia need to do another Minecraft series again together

  • Ryan King
    Ryan King 24 dias atrás +2

    Don't worry Simon we love you.

  • Samuel Kadima
    Samuel Kadima 29 dias atrás +5

    Love the video keep it up 🎉🎉

  • Bruce Phillips
    Bruce Phillips 28 dias atrás +2

    To be honest the ksi and toby forfeit was outrageous 😂, pure harry brilliance
    Simon is loved by most especially with Ksi

  • gdthyuuuujjj
    gdthyuuuujjj 29 dias atrás +38

    Can’t wait for the charity match gonna try my best to meet you and randy

  • かずま 木元
    かずま 木元 29 dias atrás

    I know the fan base and viewer range might be different , but I'd love to see the sidemen do a more sidemen video with Kleiny and Woody, for challenges or even football related. Not sure how far the two groups are from each other, but that would be interesting to watch

  • Jenna Simpson
    Jenna Simpson 16 dias atrás +1

    Simons hair is actually so good Bruz it’s perfect

  • Joanna
    Joanna 10 dias atrás

    Simon honestly, your article is the greatest.

  • Jeanine Heijnen
    Jeanine Heijnen 29 dias atrás +1

    lovely video as always❤

  • Sidemen gang
    Sidemen gang 29 dias atrás +93

    Honestly i was there everyday on reddit for the guy who edited a new background on Simons picture! What a journey 💯

  • Azi
    Azi 29 dias atrás +23

    Your my favourite sidemen don't let anyone put u down

  • The Royal Godzilla
    The Royal Godzilla 29 dias atrás +21

    Gotta love a minter vid on a bad Tuesday afternoon, class.

  • Jordyn Nexus
    Jordyn Nexus 27 dias atrás +15

    He’s not wrong bro. The people hating on Simon right now would hate every single one of the old Sidemen 😂

    • Chrixsy
      Chrixsy 27 dias atrás

      why are they hating Simon

    • keiran hewitt
      keiran hewitt 27 dias atrás +2

      @Chrixsy mostly I see people saying he complains too much in sidemen vids and he “tries too hard” on Among us vids. The same idiots comment about how dumb sidemen among us lobbies are and how they all should be smarter… then Simon actually tries and he gets slated for being smarter on among us 😂 hypocrisy man

    • Level 1
      Level 1 27 dias atrás +1

      I don't think they would hate josh. I don't think he has ever complained as much as the other boys.

  • Lombxrdo
    Lombxrdo 28 dias atrás +2

    Hopefully josh lets his hair grow. I really want to see how curly his hair is

  • S!mp
    S!mp 29 dias atrás +8

    the 20v1 does well because they are very easy to consume, i will always watch the sidemen sundays but ill admit i sigh every time i see a 20v1

  • Destiny
    Destiny 29 dias atrás +3

    I watch sidemen for the sidemen. The silly things they do, non funny jokes attempt, literally talking about how a car fell into a black hole, or whatever the fuck they do. I will watch sidemen even if they doing a campfire n eating marshmallows

  • Zac Mitchell
    Zac Mitchell 29 dias atrás +2

    The hate is always unnecessary. Real fan base is just happy to have content and understands the dynamic each video brings

  • Jack Coogan
    Jack Coogan 29 dias atrás +66

    I’ll stand by the fact that Simon tanked that video, but we can’t have it both ways. Simon has always been one of the more diva-ish of the sidemen, but in this case I can at least see the justification.
    Idk if it’s fair or not to say, but I think most of the “hate” is actually just frustration since you guys are growing up and getting more sensible

    • DTM
      DTM 29 dias atrás +19

      The fact people are still going on about it is just stupid at this point

    • Jack Coogan
      Jack Coogan 29 dias atrás +8

      @DTM agreed! It’s a damn game show video. It’s not that deep

  • Be offended somewhere else
    Be offended somewhere else 29 dias atrás +5

    If people put their business online for all to e apart of, they can't complain about people not minding their business. Of course people will chime in. It'd be different if they had their info private and people came out of nowhere, but that's not the case here.

  • grace
    grace 27 dias atrás +2

    Simon: 'I'm a man of god and i will not listen too boob talk'
    Simon 2 minutes later: ' too much sex'

  • daniel Irl
    daniel Irl 13 dias atrás

    I wish ethan, faith and Olive all the best in life as a fan of these dudes for 10+ years but Ethans worse ever decision will be starting such a real podcast with his girlfriend and his kids mother.
    It's a horrible idea as they want to be serious and say things that will get the other to react on video.
    They could force the relationship but those type of things make people extremely unhappy/ unsatisfied... that's literally a failed relationship

  • Debottom Bose
    Debottom Bose 29 dias atrás +1

    man do more it is fun to watch

  • F.N_kian
    F.N_kian 29 dias atrás +46

    I believe that Ginge should play in the charity match, I know he isn’t as popular in terms of BRclip subscribers but he is very funny and would bring great content as seen in big brother clubs

    • afridi anindyo
      afridi anindyo 29 dias atrás +3

      nah he’s not up there yet

    • Markus Pietilä
      Markus Pietilä 28 dias atrás

      He should be the ref. If I'm not mistaken he has refereed some lower league (sunday league etc) games

  • Great War
    Great War 24 dias atrás

    I don’t know how you found a women that tolerates your bluntness but well done lad 👏🏻 😂😂😂 definitely a keeper

  • Shirukia
    Shirukia 29 dias atrás +130

    Surely I’m not the only one who thinks Simmons hair looks pretty good???

    • Olav Sanchez
      Olav Sanchez 29 dias atrás +7

      If he put on some more muscles he would look so good

    • 4 Neat
      4 Neat 29 dias atrás +6

      It’s just a basic cut that Ethan and josh already had 😂

    • mini
      mini 29 dias atrás +6

      simon didn't deserve the hate for the video but goddamn his haircut is terrible

      OMEGASZN 28 dias atrás +1

      ron simmons? yh his hair is good for his age

    • Big L
      Big L 28 dias atrás

      @Olav Sanchezwhat’s muscles got to do with a haircut lol

  • Its Arpan
    Its Arpan 29 dias atrás +30

    U should judge a video on the basis of how fun the day was and how much u laughed or enjoyed while shooting it .. not on the basis of views

    • DTM
      DTM 29 dias atrás +12

      That’s not how business works. If one vid does 5 mill views and another does 50 mill views. Which one do u think they are going to do again?

    • Tuahh
      Tuahh 28 dias atrás

      So what, they need to fill a feedback form after each shooting?

  • FPS
    FPS 27 dias atrás +2

    Simon: builds a football pitch
    Me: Anxiously waiting for a football video

  • DGen
    DGen 29 dias atrás +11

    2:15 Simon's face😂 , love u simon

  • One -
    One - 28 dias atrás +2

    Watching Simon’s videos always reminds me why I don’t watch the what’s good podcast…

  • GrinseKatze
    GrinseKatze 28 dias atrás +1

    JJs Queen joke gets me everytime i see it, way to hilarious 🤣🤣

  • Mohammad Taha Ahmad
    Mohammad Taha Ahmad 29 dias atrás +308

    Quite sad the guy who did the daily edits didn’t win the 1000$. He put so much effort in, the posts were good, and he didn’t win despite Simon saying he would give it to him if he continued into next month.
    Edit: Simon said he had a very high chance of winning, no promises.

    • Nasir Ali
      Nasir Ali 29 dias atrás +11

      He said he'd have a good chance. Not win.

    • AngryGingeClips
      AngryGingeClips 29 dias atrás +12

      he said there was a high chance, nothing was garuenteed

    • Mohammad Taha Ahmad
      Mohammad Taha Ahmad 29 dias atrás +1

      Ahh I see, my bad I misremembered. Well the point still stands but so do Simon’s words

  • Anemo Boys SimpYT
    Anemo Boys SimpYT 29 dias atrás +3

    15:55 Simon’s face is priceless😂😂😂😂

  • no
    no 29 dias atrás +6

    I wish I kept up to date with Reddit for the one about opinions because mine would have been that when Sidemen do anything in public, it's always kids and teens running up and screaming, trying to get involved, selfies, be on camera and even some pretending to be cool for their mates. Perfect example is the Hotel video where Vik, Josh and Harry had to ditch their cheap hotel as randoms were practically licking the windows. I get it's neat to see people you're big fans of but I can't help that, as a fan from 2015 Ultimate Sidemen, cringe at the way they behave. Clearly they're trying to shoot video, leave them be.

  • Hsiang7
    Hsiang7 29 dias atrás +10

    Not gonna lie, the farming video was by FAR better than any 20vs1.

    TVA FANBOY 28 dias atrás +1

    Be happy for others success maybe that will help with all the hate😂😂

    • TM
      TM 27 dias atrás

      what are you even talking about

  • Neeki
    Neeki 29 dias atrás +134

    I love faith. she says what everyone thinks but is too scared to. & when you only speak the truth you don’t rlly care how others react because it’s the truth period 🫶🏼

    • MiMc809
      MiMc809 29 dias atrás +66

      You alone on that one 💀

    • Random
      Random 29 dias atrás +6

      ​@MiMc809 Yep... 😂

    • joxxster
      joxxster 29 dias atrás +4

      @MiMc809fr 😂

    • GamingMorron
      GamingMorron 29 dias atrás +23

      Nah you aren’t alone on that one. These people just hate women and healthy relationships 😅😂

    • Sohaib Khan
      Sohaib Khan 29 dias atrás +4

      You can put a . instead of saying "period"

  • Dorian Munoz
    Dorian Munoz 28 dias atrás +1

    Personally I think the trim looks great

  • Jett Keogh
    Jett Keogh 29 dias atrás +3

    Love the grind!

  • Josh Zarate
    Josh Zarate 27 dias atrás

    Ginge needs to be in an sidemen among us that Danny Aaron’s is in too

  • zugger900
    zugger900 29 dias atrás +21

    Jokes that Simon called Ginge “Tom” after he reacted to Gee calling him “James” 😂

  • Itsjustme
    Itsjustme 28 dias atrás +4

    Harry's delivery when he said colleague was on point, Ethan was a bit off. Either way Harry can't be cancelled or questioned about certain statements

  • Tonykhanlasremainingbraincellgffh

    New breed of Sidemen fans are so soft😂😂😂😂

    • Gabriel Hicks
      Gabriel Hicks 29 dias atrás +51

      Honestly the old fans who are now their 20s who always whine about "new fans" are just as annoying

    • Shri Siva
      Shri Siva 29 dias atrás +30

      Isn't the criticism the opposite of soft tho? Complaining that the boys were too whiny about doing forfeits isn't soft imo

    • DTM
      DTM 29 dias atrás +3

      The sidemen will end because of them

    • DEO
      DEO 29 dias atrás +41

      @Shri Sivanah the new fans are actually so soft, they cry when literally anything happens, for example ksi is getting hate rn for being cocky now when he’s been cocky since the beginning

  • JJ4824
    JJ4824 26 dias atrás

    9:20 following after what simon talks about around here, my personal favorite sidemen video is the premier league vs sunday league video, specifically Simon Harry and Ethan repping Farnham. Some of those simpler videos I think are the better ideas cause they’re more funny rather than outrageous, which I enjoy more.

  • Carter Schemel
    Carter Schemel 29 dias atrás

    I think Mario should be invited so if you do it again part of the price for winning is you get a spot in the next one

  • Woodysire
    Woodysire 29 dias atrás +1

    “I didn’t want to see my friends get hurt anymore”….. the next video proceeds to send his friends into a zombie movie with people pressed against the window of the hotel. GOAT. Lol

  • Hi it’s me
    Hi it’s me 29 dias atrás

    tobi really was in the mood 😂😅

  • hoyasmile
    hoyasmile 29 dias atrás

    been a fan since 2014 love you simon 🩷🩷

  • Matthew Nicholson
    Matthew Nicholson 26 dias atrás +11

    I swear Simon is the main Sidemen nowadays. Main character energy

  • O.G. Wolf
    O.G. Wolf 28 dias atrás +1


  • Tengku Amsyar
    Tengku Amsyar 29 dias atrás +3

    I love the fact he titled the vid referencing the hate he got but spent barely any time acknowledging it in the vid. Those people really don't deserve any more attention, other than getting used as a Reddit vid title lmao

  • karl
    karl 28 dias atrás +2

    9:24 that take on why everyone hates 20v1's but they still do extremely well is dumb as hell. It's obviously people who aren't your core audience, they're the people who are there for either the person in the video or just FOMO or something else cause you guys are so big in the UK. People don't have to be fans in order to know about you guys otherwise you would have the entire population of the UK as your subscribers

  • DeeJayCallawavy
    DeeJayCallawavy 29 dias atrás

    20 v 1 Videos are amazing! Don't stop them at all. MORE

  • Salma Anwar
    Salma Anwar 29 dias atrás +7

    unpopular opinon- Simons new hair looks good

  • oop-
    oop- 29 dias atrás +1


  • Yurt Dacent
    Yurt Dacent 29 dias atrás

    If jidion isnt playing in the charity match, he’s definitely going to disrupt it

  • Racer857 Correia
    Racer857 Correia 20 dias atrás

    I love the cut Simon 🤙🏽

  • Shehryar Ehsan
    Shehryar Ehsan 28 dias atrás +1


  • James Carruthers
    James Carruthers 27 dias atrás

    well atleast you got 1 person that thinks you're the best sidemen, you're my fav sideman simon

    • kf 97
      kf 97 25 dias atrás +2

      Hes objectively the 7th best

  • Josh Heinz Mederer
    Josh Heinz Mederer 29 dias atrás +2

    I really dont mind the trim , it looks decently good

  • Kabbab
    Kabbab 29 dias atrás +30

    your haircut is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 dont let them hate on it

    • No way
      No way 29 dias atrás +4

      It ain’t really, he’s just good looking enough to pull it off

    • Joe Momma
      Joe Momma 29 dias atrás +1

      Bro got that crack head cut 😂😂

  • James
    James 29 dias atrás

    I used to hate Simon the most out of the sidemen . But after he stoppen changing/doing his hair I started to respect him more and his hustle/grind . He has for sure evolved over the years 👍

  • Jedi Bateman 94
    Jedi Bateman 94 29 dias atrás +1

    big sidemen fan love all videos. pc world do hold you guys back unfortunatly. make golden balls 2 please

  • XxolyjacksXx
    XxolyjacksXx 29 dias atrás

    We need Ginge in the charity match

  • The Chilled Guy
    The Chilled Guy 29 dias atrás

    thank you for the video❤

  • almasi nandor
    almasi nandor 29 dias atrás

    I think your hair its aight, the other style was better, but its certainly not that bad as people say it

  • Zer0f0x
    Zer0f0x 28 dias atrás

    "Josh's old haircut is just Ethan's current haircut"
    "Josh's old haircut was dead"

  • Pratyush
    Pratyush 26 dias atrás

    cap bruvv
    u look matured nowadays
    stay positive king

    ALPHA 29 dias atrás +13

    Dammn that's crazy KSI SHOULD GET HUMBLED FOR THIS

  • yoominbi
    yoominbi 28 dias atrás +7

    Finally a legitimate update on Lewis. Man just dissappeared out of nowhere and the guys don't talk about him ever.

    • Sunil Joshi
      Sunil Joshi 28 dias atrás +2

      Josh has mentioned him.

    • Aras
      Aras 28 dias atrás +1

      And he took himself out of the public eye. So they might just respect that.

    HHV ZONE 29 dias atrás

    Hi Simon ❤ big fan from India 🇮🇳, love the sidemen , love ksimon 💕

  • Che Garcia
    Che Garcia 28 dias atrás

    If you didn’t watch the sidemen before the sidemen channel you have no right to complain

  • cancelled frog
    cancelled frog 29 dias atrás +1

    Ginge should be in the charity match

  • William Lycke
    William Lycke 29 dias atrás +2

    i mean i think they are right about the 20 v 1s, the people watching are probably not the fans but rather people from outside. they haven't really been any interesting since people outside the sidemen started to participate 🤷‍♂ but i get why they do them i just wish they stopped being that popular hahaha

    BIBMANDO :] 29 dias atrás +2

    sidemen should do another fear ping pong vid their class

  • Dante Holmes
    Dante Holmes 25 dias atrás +1

    Simon looking hella attractive lately

  • A YouTube User
    A YouTube User 27 dias atrás +2

    Simon is the most overhated Sideman and it isn't even close and it isn't even for any good reasons either

  • fs87
    fs87 28 dias atrás +5

    That's funny, I watched that podcast with Faith and Ethan and remember thinking at the time that Simon and Talia would never reveal this much info about their intimate lives.

    • Sunil Joshi
      Sunil Joshi 28 dias atrás

      Talia talks about her plastic surgery etc

    • fs87
      fs87 28 dias atrás +4

      @camhusmj38 plastic surgery isn't an intimate detail though, faith and ethan literally have full on discussion about their sex lives.

    • Sunil Joshi
      Sunil Joshi 28 dias atrás +7

      @fs87 It's not that deep to them I guess. Kon and Kirsty are the same way. Different people have different boundaries. I mean Harry and JJ don't even show their partners.

    • Sahra
      Sahra 27 dias atrás +1

      As it should

  • Clips:LH44
    Clips:LH44 29 dias atrás +2

    If i’m ethan’s boys i’m telling him facts. that is a madting. Dealing with that in front of the public, yeahhh long day m8

  • Carlos Silva
    Carlos Silva 28 dias atrás +1

    12:56 JJ was actually right, the clip is from a Pro Clubs video and happens when they conceed a goal

  • (IDK)
    (IDK) 28 dias atrás

    Simon is on trending and
    He is 7 on trending🎉🎉🎉