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  • Publicado em 27 Jul 2022
  • Is Deji ready for his fight?
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  • Debe Osakwe
    Debe Osakwe Anos atrás +1495

    John being more active in this actually makes the video more entertaining

    • Kric Ket
      Kric Ket Anos atrás +34

      Exactly john is hilarious

    • Cooking with Colesy
      Cooking with Colesy Anos atrás +8

      It's so entertaining seeing John this active. I bet he is hungry, I'd love to cook him a cheat meal

    • Juice DND
      Juice DND Anos atrás +17

      @Cooking with Colesy why does this sound so damn creepy

    • pro
      pro Anos atrás +6

      @Juice DND init

    • AR1V3N
      AR1V3N Anos atrás +3

      He didn’t really do much tbh

  • Shakur_TSK
    Shakur_TSK Anos atrás +60

    Simon's content never fails to make us laugh. What a legend

  • Kaizo
    Kaizo Anos atrás +254

    Cmon Deji you can win this I believe in you , I’ve been watching you and JJ since I was in elementary school and I have hopes for you . You got this take out fousey. You can redeem yourself

  • Anwar Aylmer
    Anwar Aylmer Anos atrás +47

    Simon you’re Reddit videos will never collapse I love every episode😂

  • pie man
    pie man Anos atrás +966

    6:20 Chopped is basically a mini cook off tournament with random ingredients that must be used by everyone each round, it’s a great concept for a sidemen video!

    • Boulitelli
      Boulitelli Anos atrás +31

      Cheers for that boss, had no clue, thought it was about cars tbf.

    • Karim Jamani
      Karim Jamani Anos atrás +10

      2hype do it and it’s amazing

    • SSA
      SSA Anos atrás +10

      They don’t know what to do when they have the correct items and recipe in front of them. This would be a shitshow unless they can get actual cooks on teams.

    • Mr Nobody
      Mr Nobody Anos atrás

      plus we get to see a return of Sir Theodore III

    • Stephanie
      Stephanie Anos atrás +4

      ​@SSA good point. love the idea though

  • Kay-DC
    Kay-DC Anos atrás +2768

    Deji looks so much better physically since the Vinnie fight so big respect for that. Hopefully he can pull off a win against Fousey but I'm not getting my hopes too high
    Edit: Fousey looks jacked. Idk about this fight actually

    • Mbita Chizi
      Mbita Chizi Anos atrás +4

      Ok dont read my name...

    • Axezz
      Axezz Anos atrás +44

      It’s been about for a minute

    • jbxzy
      jbxzy Anos atrás +3


    • fear
      fear Anos atrás +4

      Timestamp of simon sparing deji

    • D.M.G
      D.M.G Anos atrás +3

      @Mbita Chizi bro

  • Tinkle Me 4 [S]E.X
    Tinkle Me 4 [S]E.X Anos atrás +6

    We can all agree that he never disappoints us with his content

  • Calum Broomfield
    Calum Broomfield Anos atrás +93

    Simon, huge longtime fan, since your ultimate team fifa 14, have always enjoyed your content and am loving all your content you put out on all channels. Just... Big love ❤️

  • Blair Annabel
    Blair Annabel Anos atrás +3

    I am so proud of you, and I hope you are too!

  • Joesith
    Joesith Anos atrás +71

    Simon + Josh = the 2 most underrated sidemen, prove me wrong

    • Duje
      Duje Anos atrás +20

      tobi more underrated than simon

    • Vincefrom PH
      Vincefrom PH Anos atrás +4

      @Duje i agree

    • KKLightning56
      KKLightning56 Anos atrás +1

      Simon is the most boring sidemen so it makes sense though

    • BANGTAN 7
      BANGTAN 7 Anos atrás +11

      @KKLightning56 Simon boring?? Thats why he has 10M yea 😂 hes one of the best and funniest in the sidemen if not the best

    • KKLightning56
      KKLightning56 Anos atrás

      @BANGTAN 7 does Simon do anything outside of the sidemen, I’ve never heard him actually talk himself or his own hobbies, all he talks about is KSI or the Sidemen.

  • dsbkiller
    dsbkiller Anos atrás +37

    what a great guy Simon is, he throwing away $5k just to support JJ's little brother😁 way to go mate lol

    • Israel
      Israel Anos atrás

      Love you bro !

  • Edge
    Edge Anos atrás +534

    19:15 here's the spar to save you time

  • disabled donkey
    disabled donkey Anos atrás +1

    Congrats on 10 mill keep up the amazing content

  • Hadith's & Prophecies
    Hadith's & Prophecies Anos atrás +20

    Icl this is the best miniminter video ever love the story time should do it more often yk of your past🙃

  • King Kobra
    King Kobra Anos atrás +220

    If you're reading this, the work you've been putting in is going to pay off real soon! Just please don't stop! Keep going 💯🙏🏽!

    • Mbita Chizi
      Mbita Chizi Anos atrás

      Ok dont read my name...

    • Sub for a sub back
      Sub for a sub back Anos atrás


    • Shan
      Shan Anos atrás +1

      Warning ⚠ ignore all the replies because I'm better

    • ActionCookiez
      ActionCookiez Anos atrás

      Bruh all I did was play gta today

    • Cacbam
      Cacbam Anos atrás +1

      Appreciate you! 👩🏽‍💻📈

  • Tylah Hudson
    Tylah Hudson Anos atrás +8

    We can agree you never disappoint us ❤️❤️🤭

    IM ROZZ  Anos atrás +7

    Let's w a moment to appreciate how much effort he puts into his contact to entertain!❤️🙂

  • Philip Sinclair
    Philip Sinclair Anos atrás +2

    Love to hear Simon talking well about deji

  • ManuelBaut104
    ManuelBaut104 Anos atrás +11

    I got exited you were actually sparring deji 😂 good video anyway

  • The HoneyBadger
    The HoneyBadger Anos atrás +1

    Simon you are killing it with the uploads

  • Man Like Tyler
    Man Like Tyler Anos atrás +5

    We can all agree miniminter is smashing it with content, love your vids

  • This_society_is_fucked

    We should have known Deji was going to fail when he lost to Simon 🤣

  • Blair Annabel
    Blair Annabel Anos atrás

    Deji looks so much better physically since the Vinnie fight so big respect for that. Hopefully he can pull off a win against Fousey but I'm not getting my hopes too high

  • Paddy IsDumb
    Paddy IsDumb Anos atrás +4

    The editing on this video is too good.

  • Noobie Doobie Doo
    Noobie Doobie Doo Anos atrás

    18:18 that's some touching story, Simon. :')

  • chilling
    chilling Anos atrás +78

    hopefully deji fights back this time. he has alot of potential

    • Edgars A
      Edgars A Anos atrás +5

      No he doesn't

    • Adam
      Adam Anos atrás +1

      @Edgars A he does have potential in his professional career if he does take this seriously his potential will be a lot higher and better

    • Ibrahim
      Ibrahim Anos atrás +6

      @Adam tell me where his potential is, stop copying what viddal or ksi says😭

      SCHILTZ Anos atrás +1

      @Ibrahim everybody has a lot of potential in basically anything that’s probably what he means

      MBSPLAYZ Anos atrás +1

      ​@Adam no lol

  • Brandon Fisher
    Brandon Fisher Anos atrás +1

    Your videos are so good

  • Joe Pearson
    Joe Pearson Anos atrás


  • Azre Upston
    Azre Upston Anos atrás +18

    No one talking about the fact that they accepted speed to the charity match 💀💀💀

    • Shakur_TSK
      Shakur_TSK Anos atrás

      Speed bout to do some illegal shii i just know it 💀

    • Shakur_TSK
      Shakur_TSK Anos atrás

      Speed bout to do some illegal shii i just know it 💀

  • DaltonHoward 935
    DaltonHoward 935 Anos atrás +2

    Love how Simon titles it as if deji is a good boxer 😂

    • Rain Revere
      Rain Revere Anos atrás

      Better than Simon.

    • DaltonHoward 935
      DaltonHoward 935 Anos atrás

      @Rain Revere Simon could do one month of training and beat the hell out of him, were talking about the guy who let Alex have a full on conversation with a fan during their fight ffs

  • A D3V1L
    A D3V1L Anos atrás

    Deji really had a glow up Man
    I love the reddits videos btw keep it up

  • EzzyJ
    EzzyJ Anos atrás

    Whoever edited this video great job.

  • A02 Dhairya Rita
    A02 Dhairya Rita 3 meses atrás

    That photo of Root and Bairstow was hilarious 😂😂

  • Rashed El
    Rashed El Anos atrás

    5:05 okay maybe the lyrics arent there but the beat slaps hard AFFFFF
    9:48 goat simon moment

  • Will Scholey
    Will Scholey Anos atrás +10

    The fact Simon said Joe Root and Jonny Bairstow are still at school ahaha 🤣😂

  • Shakur_TSK
    Shakur_TSK Anos atrás

    Simon's editors are goated

  • bocoy noiu
    bocoy noiu Anos atrás

    18:50 That explains why Simon is part german. It all makes sense now.

  • praharsh allada
    praharsh allada Anos atrás +1

    I really love the story time

  • Yevgeniy Trast
    Yevgeniy Trast Anos atrás +8

    Simon preaching the difference between Bald and Bold and still getting it wrong x)

  • D.M.G
    D.M.G Anos atrás +2

    This man really been doing alot

  • Layla Brown
    Layla Brown Anos atrás +6

    Was hoping for a 20 min spar but this will do ig 😎

  • Yoshua Simoleit
    Yoshua Simoleit Anos atrás

    Oh my god if you guys do sidemen taskmaster that would be amazing. Taskmaster is one of the few good things on tv.

  • Blair Annabel
    Blair Annabel Anos atrás

    I’m always curious how the production team clean the mess every video.

  • Weele Wism
    Weele Wism Anos atrás

    The long awaited rematch

  • lil s
    lil s Anos atrás +3

    "that's my man" I just love that line 😂😫

  • 0rayaan0
    0rayaan0 Anos atrás +14

    I hope deji wins for once 😞

  • Sam
    Sam Anos atrás +1

    Would be good to see them do a video with storror. But feel it would need to be a hide and seek video, where there is potential for them to show off a little

  • ラフール
    ラフール Anos atrás

    Imagine being able to ghost Miniminter

  • Lucas Johnson
    Lucas Johnson Anos atrás

    The bald vs bold thing is so accurate 😂😂

  • Super Mario
    Super Mario Anos atrás

    I love these type of videos.

    XTEVE ON Anos atrás +38

    I know the title says SPARRED but when I saw Deji, my brain was “I SPARED DEJI”

    • Hello Hi
      Hello Hi Anos atrás +9

      I mean considering deji’s boxing record, I wouldn’t have been surprised with either title.

    • Shaun Smith
      Shaun Smith Anos atrás

      @Hello Hi hahahaha bro! 💀🤣

    • CAMZ
      CAMZ Anos atrás


  • Cooper Green
    Cooper Green Anos atrás +17

    Imagine being English and not recognizing two of your greatest cricketers lol

  • Blougey
    Blougey Anos atrás +1

    We know mans hit 10 mil when a Reddit video is on the main channel😂

  • War 2654
    War 2654 Anos atrás +11

    Hide in seek in a haunted house should be with tgf. Would be hilarious

  • Masih Khosravi
    Masih Khosravi Anos atrás +4

    Sidemen and Storror might be a goated collab!!!

  • nobody
    nobody Anos atrás

    Just knowing how big the charity match will be this time round now that the sidemen boys are clear as days I can't help but think, damn, RiceGum is a mug

  • Drxppy
    Drxppy Anos atrás +1


  • Will_h0p0
    Will_h0p0 Anos atrás +1

    Sidemen professional tag would be insane

  • Young Cesar
    Young Cesar Anos atrás

    This is about to be a legendary reaction

  • Will McLennan
    Will McLennan Anos atrás +6

    13:45 "those Donnies are in school still" no Simon they're two of Englands best cricketers and that photo's 10 years old...

  • BrandonLV
    BrandonLV Anos atrás +17

    I say simon and talia should stay engaged until a year or so. Doesn’t make sense to rush anything but I do think Simon timed the proposal very well.

    • Miniminter
      Miniminter  Anos atrás

      Trust me, we're staying engaged as long as possible 😬

  • Rossome
    Rossome Anos atrás

    The $100 vs $10k bachelor video would be great for vik and Simon.

  • Clay Wolf
    Clay Wolf Anos atrás +2

    the harold wilson thing had me crawling it hurt my soul that badly

  • VX SUPREME1019
    VX SUPREME1019 Anos atrás +30

    Deji better beat fousey bro even tho I don’t think that will happen💀

    • Mbita Chizi
      Mbita Chizi Anos atrás

      Ok dont read my name 😤.......

    • Shan
      Shan Anos atrás

      Warning ⚠ ignore all the replies because I'm better

  • Tyler Harris
    Tyler Harris Anos atrás +1

    Is it just me or does every picture of Toby when he’s old look 🔥

  • DiskoNixon
    DiskoNixon Anos atrás +11

    10:30. "What's a little fondle between mates?" - Simon Edward Minter 2022

  • Marleykye 2000
    Marleykye 2000 Anos atrás +1

    JJ needs to dress as water man in his next fight against swarmz

  • Breez
    Breez Anos atrás

    An AI is the perfect description of ViK

  • Matt French
    Matt French Anos atrás +10

    13:45 the GOATS Joe and Jonny

  • justas rukas
    justas rukas Anos atrás

    when freya and simon are talking about how cats are annoying my cat started running on walls

  • Get Amongst IT
    Get Amongst IT Anos atrás

    Some people have that natural fighting ability fousey certainly does not have that lol

  • shygoated
    shygoated Anos atrás

    This is what we need

  • DrayDosentStop
    DrayDosentStop Anos atrás

    Love your videos huge fan of the sidemen and your fall guys content wish I loved your content as much as I loved my life which I don’t because I would rather not be here

  • Jeff Acosta
    Jeff Acosta Anos atrás

    If Castor isn’t at the charity match, we riot and invade the pitch

  • BubuSSJ
    BubuSSJ Anos atrás +8

    6:52 how can Simon forget that he is the flap stretcher
    this was created from the video best friend vs girlfriend 2 on miniminter main channel

  • James Mcgrath
    James Mcgrath Anos atrás

    As a cricketer hearing him calling joe root “ that donny” hurt 😢

  • Jacob Cuff
    Jacob Cuff Anos atrás

    we need daily vlogs and football vids back, old miniminter needs to come back

  • Bfast
    Bfast Anos atrás

    He’s definitely taller than 6’2😂

    RASSILON Anos atrás

    Storror still challenged the lads to a 6/7 a side match

  • iamYair
    iamYair Anos atrás +9

    13:10 she just summed up what Simon is nice to hear someone else said it

    • Thariq Aviyan
      Thariq Aviyan Anos atrás

      And he doesn't deny it and only says wow

  • Christopher Andrade
    Christopher Andrade Anos atrás

    Never watched a miniminter vid. Actually quite entertaining

  • James Gilbert
    James Gilbert Anos atrás +1

    Smashed it mate

  • Zeus
    Zeus Anos atrás

    Let’s gooooo your the goat BRclipr

  • t lin
    t lin Anos atrás +8

    man i really though he sparred him

  • Lethalshooter420 Yt
    Lethalshooter420 Yt Anos atrás +1

    In the cool kicks you guys talked about how you guys were on the good team so that’s how I knew what you guys were doing

  • Maarten de Vos
    Maarten de Vos Anos atrás

    “It’s Hitler innit” must be one of Simon’s best quotes

  • James Squire
    James Squire Anos atrás +2

    Did Simon just mistake joe root and Johnny bairstow for 2 random school kids

  • Chaitanya Kotra
    Chaitanya Kotra Anos atrás +10

    18:43 The president during WW1 was Woodrow Wilson, the president at the end of WW2 (which is when the photo with Churchill and Stalin was taken) was Harry [Harold] Truman. John mixed up the two names and got Harold Wilson lmao