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  • Publicado em 29 Dez 2022
  • Who should I pick?
    Find out more about AirUp here: airup.link/miniminter
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    My PC: bit.ly/miniminter
    Custom Controller: bit.ly/SideCCUK
    HOW I RECORD MY GAMEPLAY: e.lga.to/mm
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    USA: goo.gl/BbkxsF
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  • @hi-gu9dc

    We need another best couple on BRclip video (Mr and Mrs). Some potential opponents could be, Josh and Freya, Josh and Cara, Chris and Shannon, Ethan and Faith

  • @JackBates-sc2jv

    hey Simon i just want to thank you for all the phenomenal content and entertainment that you have produced over the years

  • @haribosfc3323

    Thanks Simon for making quality content all your fans love your vids and the sidemen keep up the work you made 2022 better

  • @wilhuddleston3063

    Simon thank you for making this year amazing with every hilarious video. Happy New Years to you and all of Sidemen

  • @Modernday5K

    I would love to see Simon, JJ, and Talia reacting to something together. Perfect time for JJs laugh, talia tears and just Simon laughing lol

  • @thestickman595

    Simon. Keep up the amazing content for us, we love it.

  • @roshaunquismundo795

    happy new year simon and the sidemen, thank you for making my year great. keep up the good work god bless you all ^ ^

  • @rayguavez2796

    hi simon, thank you for the good year of making us happy. I hope you continue to make us happy. We will never get bored watching all of you. Stay strong Sidemen❤️.

  • @jacksonfreeman7259

    Contents been fire 🔥 Keep it up and the donations you give to random people mean more than you know, and they don't go unnoticed!

  • @imnoone1256

    Great video today Simon 🔥🔥 you always make my day better 💜

  • @reecefox1955

    Simon was definitely reading a script during that sponsorship 😂😂

  • @sethrichards1715

    Thanks for the awesome content Miniminter can’t wait to see the content for 2023 , all the best to your friends and family

  • @alidaflus4277

    Bro is a legend..honestly the whole group of Sidemen are…the only group to actually remain best friends after so many years

  • @soolayman9767

    Hey Simon, just wanted to say I love your content and wish you all the best in 2023 for whatever your goals are.

  • @mohamza_786

    Bro is a legend..honestly the whole group of Sidemen are…the only group to actually remain best friends after so many years❤