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  • Publicado em 30 Jan 2023
  • Which of the Sidemen will be the best dad?
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  • @YouTube
    @YouTube  +853

    the internet is wild 😭 dw Simon you'll be a class Dad

  • @Natsu-uy1oh

    Harry would be a phenomenon as a dad

  • @nickpaulo5202

    I’m so hype for the charity match this year! I’m glad they actually post the whole match instead of most people charge

  • @tykincaid2212

    Calling out the fake fan was the best part. Emon Forever

  • @jeremy5698

    always a good day when simon posts

  • @Retro2A_
    @Retro2A_  +187

    Let’s go! Been waiting for some more Reddit content! This should be good!

  • @francescahill4824

    Everybody share the love in the comments. The Sidemen is a part of all of our lives and yes they get paid but we should all appreciate the efforts they are going to to give us entertainment. Been watching you for years and if I'm struggling ever I go to watch sidemen comfort videos

  • @7-a-side-men

    Imagine putting in all that effort to loose to a “purple microphone”👀

  • @quandaledingle6077

    Keep doing these they are so underrated

  • @francescahill4824

    You definitely made it bro all of you have keep choosing what is best for you. Hope you and talia find lots of happiness

  • @kylerichardson2556

    This has probably been brought up before, but a sidemen reverse tinder would be fun to see. One sidemen comes up at a time while the group of girls throw out pick up lines. Personally think it would be entertaining

  • @yaseensaid5962

    Keep going champ. We all support you 🇬🇧

  • @bigcc8473

    These videos won't get old

  • @daartkiteckt7048

    Love the edit at

  • @scottinWV

    I bet all of the sidemen will be good fathers. They have a good income already so they won't have one of the biggest stresses on them. They can concentrate on actually taking care of their child.

  • @Isuckatmappingandcountryballs

    harry as a dad would most likely drop kick the child

  • @tyson8576

    My entire year would be ruined if I was that Video Idea guy

  • @tobyholkham568

    as a long time sidemen fan .. and a big watcher of you tube i disagree surely its the content that means everything

  • @BLJtheYoutbeAddict

    Still hoping for a one word interview with Talia & JJ 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  • @sdmnsamantha0792

    Congratulations on the new house you deserve it