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  • Publicado em 21 Ago 2022
  • What are your predictions for the fights?
    If you have an idea you would like to see, let me know here:
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    HOW I RECORD MY GAMEPLAY: e.lga.to/mm
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  • @icantthinkofaname4001
    @icantthinkofaname4001 Anos atrás +4

    I think Simon should do these kind of videos more often if he's able to. That was very entertaining!!

  • @aayushrai8881
    @aayushrai8881 Anos atrás +806

    Seeing Simon and JJ in a house together again is genuinely wholesome.

  • @omgaikwad2904
    @omgaikwad2904 Anos atrás +2

    Big up Simon for bringing the vlogs back after an eternity 💪💪 Hope we get a few every month 🙏

  • @relaxmydog
    @relaxmydog Anos atrás

    Hahah absolutely LOVE this!

  • @tevin407
    @tevin407 Anos atrás +352

    We need more of these vlog type videos from you simon!

  • @the_kishter8162
    @the_kishter8162 Anos atrás +318


  • @grimstatix5359
    @grimstatix5359 Anos atrás +2

    jj is hilarious and simon with him is a ultimate duo

  • @dodobolbol9223
    @dodobolbol9223 Anos atrás +485

    missed them old random vlogs would love to see more

  • @shrexxyboi
    @shrexxyboi Anos atrás +218

    bought a happy tear to my eye because the hug was genuine and jj was actually really happy :''))

  • @dawidbrzezicki
    @dawidbrzezicki Anos atrás +27

    Vlogs are hands down one of the things that Simon knows how to do.

  • @nii_t
    @nii_t Anos atrás +1

    Old school vlogs to rival the classic "STEAK AND MOVIES!"

  • @LG1ikLx
    @LG1ikLx Anos atrás +79

    Simon "I'm not buying it, I'm not buying it, I'm not buying it"

  • @annacherno7633
    @annacherno7633 Anos atrás +944

    props to jj, no matter how many ups and downs there are, hes always moving forward

  • @wrlygig
    @wrlygig Anos atrás +161

    Absoloutly love the old school vlogging. Please do more Simon its needed.

  • @jonnyhawkins7744
    @jonnyhawkins7744 Anos atrás +124

    These are the proper Miniminter videos I know and love, carry on with the great work Simon 👌

  • @samueldriscoll2926
    @samueldriscoll2926 Anos atrás +16

    This really brings me back to old days where Simon would just vlog all the time.. so good

  • @htinos10
    @htinos10 Anos atrás +108

    Simon is so good at vlogging. You need to do these more often Simon!

  • @TayMcKenzieNZ

    Soo nice of Simon to renew his vowels with JJ, mad respect 😊🙏

  • @princessgirlhehe
    @princessgirlhehe Anos atrás +85

    We need more of these vlog type vids! So much nostalgia and really entertaining to watch🙌🏼 Hoping we get regular vlogs, they bang!

  • @kulanibila
    @kulanibila Anos atrás +340

    That "It's not over yet" joke and the Jonah J. Jameson laugh caught me off-guard.😂😂