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  • Publicado em 16 Jan 2023
  • What challenge should I do for $10,000 next time?
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  • @archiemccann-laws7599

    Honestly just want to say a massive thank you to Simon. Was an amazing enough experience just to be in the video, and obviously more special to win. I can also confirm the money was split with the final 4. Most importantly Miniminter the 🐐.

  • @ayd_22
    @ayd_22  +1

    Massive respect for Mario doing the run up every time 😂

  • @lukecliffe7096

    Can I just say,

  • @bongo2011
    @bongo2011  +253

    This video was actually pretty intense. The fans were super nice and supportive of each other especially the last two.

  • @25Dzone

    I'm glad the nicest dude there won - Mario was also a legend but I was quietly rooting for 93 as soon as they started showing how nice he was to everyone

  • @chrisbelos2834

    most wholesome video simon ever made and he did it all on his own.

  • @SanderFooty

    Mario was so nice and stayed in character the whole video what a goat 🐐

  • @KingGoldonNox

    I can’t lie Simon is the type of BRclipr that is able to stay relevant and adapt incredibly well and even manages to make his old school type of content in a new light. Not to mention does so humbly, what a guy.

  • @tomcoburn5258

    Yo Archie's composure is unreal, pretty much all of his pens were simple but clinical, no flukes from him. The pen shoot out felt almost as intense as a real professional Pen shoot out. Great video, i hope we'll see another one of these

  • @vladstoica99

    So far best video uploaded on this platform this year 👑 Gg Simon for the great hosting, you were really king with all the competitors and also gg for all of them. Mario and underdog you're both something else, great penalty kickers 👏

  • @DravyaFootball

    The Sidemen Army is something else man, what a beautiful community. The final contestants choosing to split the money so everyone wins something was touching.

  • @GamingKakiTeam
    @GamingKakiTeam 21 dia atrás

    Gotta be the most wholesome video there. Top 2 were absolute class! Great vid

  • @cg19Football

    John is literally my favorite in all these videos, can we all just appreciate his work in the goal, bringing us all entertainment?

  • @noahpalmer6653

    Love the guy that won. You wouldn't bet on him but he was calm and composed, took the shots he knew he could take. Also the guy that proposed to split everything so it's nice to see him get the win.

  • @user-fq3my7iu8y

    massive props to the goalkeeper John, all those penalties in a row and made so many insane saves

  • @s--cn8ee

    What a great video , So happy for Archie he definitely deserves it ♥♥

  • @CarlosG1132

    such a wholesome video, this is why we love simon so much. doing bits for the community as well is just so heartwarming

  • @mattiasandersson8490

    Really great video! Showing all penalties is the way to go! I really appreciate that! Was fun to watch!

  • @cheggles2058

    imagine taking a shot every time simon says “what a pen” we’d all be smashed 🤣🤣

  • @BecauseICanAndIWant2

    At least 50% of the comments should be respecting John. I can't even imagine how difficult it must be to pull of that many dives in a row fuck me, fair play, so much respect. Also men are so wholesome :')