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  • Publicado em 24 Jul 2023
  • Which present was the best?
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    TBJZL 2 meses atrás +9412

    Thank you ly ♥

    LUDAKA BG 2 meses atrás +7355

    I love the friendship between Simon and Tobi

  • Christabel
    Christabel 2 meses atrás +9164

    Tobi and Simon duo is unmatched

  • TimeBucks
    TimeBucks 2 meses atrás +1899

    Tobi and Simons friendship is so wholesome

  • CurvyWhisper
    CurvyWhisper 2 meses atrás +4566

    It's so nice how well Simon knows Tobi, asking him what his favourite of something is and then proving he already knew what it was

    • Dont_Enter_My_Profile_
      Dont_Enter_My_Profile_ 2 meses atrás +2

      Don't read my name ...

    • Blaize Cunningham
      Blaize Cunningham 2 meses atrás +10

      Other than anime but who acc likes anime and isn't weird anyways

    • Treeesus
      Treeesus 2 meses atrás +58

      @Blaize Cunningham better than being normal and boring bro

    • Ok
      Ok 2 meses atrás +7

      @Treeesusanime is for sweaty CEX workers tho

    • Klara Barunović
      Klara Barunović 2 meses atrás +1

      Yeah, after 4th try🤭

  • Nadia Bill
    Nadia Bill 2 meses atrás +274

    I love Tobi. But the thing that makes me love him more is, he always tells his friends he loves them.

    • Dawud
      Dawud Mês atrás

      Lmao he commented love you on this vid 😂😂

  • BlueMo
    BlueMo 2 meses atrás +1535

    It may be too much to ask but we need this series to continue between Simon and Tobi, the amount of witty jokes and the friendship they have is unmatched 😂

    • Philosophy_Bot
      Philosophy_Bot 2 meses atrás +3

      Beep bop... I'm the Philosophy Bot. Here, have a quote:
      "Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will rule your life and you will call it Fate"
      ~ Carl Jung

  • Me And My Mushroom
    Me And My Mushroom 2 meses atrás +2051

    Tobi and Simons friendship is one of the best in the Sidemen

    • Dont_Enter_My_Profile_
      Dont_Enter_My_Profile_ 2 meses atrás +3

      Don't read my name ...

    • that guy
      that guy 2 meses atrás +12

      ​@Dont_Enter_My_Profile_get a job

    • Philosophy_Bot
      Philosophy_Bot 2 meses atrás +3

      Beep bop... I'm the Philosophy Bot. Here, have a quote:
      "Nobody realizes that some people expend tremendous energy merely to be normal"
      ~ Albert Camus

    • duc huynh vuong
      duc huynh vuong 2 meses atrás


  • Heisenberg
    Heisenberg 2 meses atrás +1168

    Simon giving 30 presents is the friend we all need in our lives, great to see him vibe with Tobi

    • Llama Gaming
      Llama Gaming 2 meses atrás +13


    • Enthuzias
      Enthuzias 2 meses atrás +27

      @Llama Gaming rinsing the same joke

    • Dont_Enter_My_Profile_
      Dont_Enter_My_Profile_ 2 meses atrás +1

      Don't read my name ...

    • Mcnic.f
      Mcnic.f 2 meses atrás +2

      @Don't_Read_My_Picture and @HeisenbergFam I see you everywhere

    • Himaru
      Himaru 2 meses atrás +5

      @Enthuziastobi still rinses it to this day, who cares 💀

  • Joe
    Joe 2 meses atrás +29

    So nice to see two colleagues getting along in the workplace

  • BecksCald
    BecksCald 2 meses atrás +626

    Every single time Tobi said "love you."
    I was shouting "SIMON SAY IT BACK."

  • UnknownRoan
    UnknownRoan Mês atrás +12

    These gifts are such a roller coaster of emotions. One time, it's something very sweet, next something cool, then I'm laughing my ass off, then back to something sentimental

  • BlueMo
    BlueMo 2 meses atrás +381

    The telescope section was too perfect, Tobi saying he needed one and Simon already having one ready in the hallway 😭

  • Niall Finnan
    Niall Finnan 2 meses atrás +475

    tobi is actually such a sweet guy man he deserves this so much❤❤❤

    • Daniel Bee
      Daniel Bee 2 meses atrás +6

      Tobi deserves to smell simon’s foot ❤

    • Dont_Enter_My_Profile_
      Dont_Enter_My_Profile_ 2 meses atrás

      Don't read my name ...

    • OCEANS
      OCEANS 2 meses atrás +2

      @Dont_Enter_My_Profile_ what year is it? why you still being a cringy 14 year old

    • GNRRYAN19
      GNRRYAN19 2 meses atrás +2

      @Dont_Enter_My_Profile_ please leave this app

    • FU Narrates
      FU Narrates 2 meses atrás

      he's already so rich what else does he deserve lol

  • Flaze
    Flaze 2 meses atrás +423

    Simon and Tobi have one of the best friendships in the Sideman

  • NOVO
    NOVO 2 meses atrás +30

    Este Simon es increible, 30 regalos no lo recibe cualquiera. Buenísimo!!!!!!!

  • EdwardPlaysstuff
    EdwardPlaysstuff 2 meses atrás +166

    The friendship between Simon and Tobi is so genuine and the birthday videos you both do are elite

  • xFOXYxDIVAx Gamer
    xFOXYxDIVAx Gamer 2 meses atrás +7

    This was so wholesome and i couldn’t stop smiling. Tobi is blessed all around him.🥹 & Simon don’t be a baby and say you love Tobi back😂

  • Musa Mabasa
    Musa Mabasa 2 meses atrás +196

    Simon and Tobi probably have the best colleague relationship in the Sidemen

  • Elisha Goldsmith
    Elisha Goldsmith 2 meses atrás +70

    The amount of times Tobi said I love you, melted my heart! Their friendship is the cutest❤️❤️

  • Nayesha Cormier
    Nayesha Cormier 2 meses atrás +52

    Tobi is such a genuine guy! just pure hearted and wholesome asf, he deserves all the love and gifts 🥺💕

  • CurvyWhisper
    CurvyWhisper 2 meses atrás +132

    Tobi was actually so appreciative, it's so nice

    • archie cole
      archie cole Mês atrás +1

      no he wasnt

    • CurvyWhisper
      CurvyWhisper Mês atrás +3

      @archie cole You clearly didn't watch the video then

  • Captain Jack Sparrow
    Captain Jack Sparrow 2 meses atrás +14

    Funny how Tobi and Josh have been friends the longest but there's so much chemistry between Tobi and Simon.

    • James Bickford
      James Bickford 2 meses atrás

      Hilarious 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮🎉🎉🎉

    • H.R Wells
      H.R Wells 2 meses atrás

      because simon stole tobie's girl, and he's still making it up to him

  • daniel Irl
    daniel Irl 2 meses atrás +62

    The telescope clearly meant alot to Tobi.
    These 2 truly care for their friends and loved ones.

  • Road to 1Mill
    Road to 1Mill 2 meses atrás +240

    Big up to the ROG Ally for paying for all the gifts

    • Troz
      Troz 2 meses atrás

      Don't think anywhere in the video Simon said that it was sponsored, only in the description

    • Marcus Incognito
      Marcus Incognito 2 meses atrás +28

      @Trozhe literally does a full ad for it wym🤣🤣🤣

    • David Blancarte
      David Blancarte 2 meses atrás +13

      ROG is helping, but there is no way you believe they are giving him enough money to rent out a theme park for a day.

    • Road to 1Mill
      Road to 1Mill 2 meses atrás +6

      @David Blancarte it was a joke

    • Fiona
      Fiona 2 meses atrás +1

      Isn’t it illegal to not disclose an ad?

  • Pau MacLaren
    Pau MacLaren 2 meses atrás +2

    I’ve always respected Tobi, it makes me feel warm how great full he is ❤

  • Bryn Lambe
    Bryn Lambe 2 meses atrás +92

    months have passed, we thought it was never coming, a betrayal of trust, a loss of faith, but here it is, finally, after 3 long months simon has bought tobi 30 presents 🎉🎉

  • azaiah azy
    azaiah azy Mês atrás

    tobi and simons relationship is so wholesome

  • Dwaynne Way
    Dwaynne Way 2 meses atrás +22

    Tobi and Simons friendship is so wholesome 😊

  • Intense Gaming
    Intense Gaming 2 meses atrás +16

    If anyone deserves something nice, it's our boy Tobi! Well done, loved it!🎉🎉🎉🎉

  • The Godly Lemon
    The Godly Lemon 2 meses atrás +100

    Always a good day when Miniminter uploads

  • LightThroughDark
    LightThroughDark Mês atrás +1

    What a great couple of colleagues!

  • Craig Ambrose
    Craig Ambrose 2 meses atrás +7

    Tobi and Simon are such great colleagues

  • Matt Wood
    Matt Wood Mês atrás +1

    Love how genuine and appreciative Tobi is.

  • Andrew Dream
    Andrew Dream 2 meses atrás +6

    These guys’ friendship just makes my day. Big ups Tobi and Simon

  • hayley 🫶🏼
    hayley 🫶🏼 Mês atrás +1

    i’m crying this is so sweet and wholesome omg

  • LenoxGaming
    LenoxGaming 2 meses atrás +8

    This is how you know they have a good friend group when they buy presents for each other ❤🎉

  • Evs
    Evs Mês atrás +1

    Warms my heart seeing Simon thinking of his colleagues ❤

  • skinnydudeisalive
    skinnydudeisalive 2 meses atrás +3

    This is so wholesome! Tobi deserves this

  • KRZ
    KRZ 2 meses atrás +2

    seeing Tobi this happy makes my heart full ❤

  • ThatGuy
    ThatGuy 2 meses atrás +8

    It's been great fun watching this friendship flourish. And this series has been a treat.

  • mahdi
    mahdi 2 meses atrás +6

    simon is very awkward when someone hugs him , and I love it

  • Vanessa G
    Vanessa G 2 meses atrás +30

    Tobi is such a genuine guy! just pure hearted and wholesome asf, he deserves all the love and gifts.

  • Debra Tovey
    Debra Tovey 2 meses atrás +2

    That was so lovely. I love Tobi and your friendship. It’s so lovely.

  • Anonymous Imposter
    Anonymous Imposter 2 meses atrás +6

    Hard not to smile throughout the whole video great concept hope it lasts for years

  • Guy Robert
    Guy Robert Mês atrás

    Epic fun 🎉 Also, Con is looking great btw 🙏

  • Zoe Reardon
    Zoe Reardon 2 meses atrás +8

    I love Tobi . He is the most appreciative guy . He is grateful for anything . Him and Simon and josh are what friendships should be . ❤❤❤❤

  • Jamie Platt
    Jamie Platt 2 meses atrás +3

    Love the wholesome videos simon and Tobi do ♡♡♡

  • Polish Cow
    Polish Cow 2 meses atrás +10

    i don't know why but seeing tobi happy makes me feel good love u both ❤

  • pee pee, poo poo
    pee pee, poo poo Mês atrás +1

    Cant wait for ethans collegues to do the same for him ❤

    DUCKSLEY CADET D.C.S 2 meses atrás +5

    This was an awesome video, that's True friendship right there, gifting thoughtful gifts to your friend whenever you can, and Tobi saying "Love You" to Simon, but there's a silence everytime 😂, come on Simon, there's nothing wrong with saying it back, May this friendship continue to grow Forever ♾️ ❤️🙏🏾👍🏾

  • example 2844
    example 2844 2 meses atrás +8

    This friendship is probably the most underrated in all the sidemen

  • Abbas Ali
    Abbas Ali 2 meses atrás +145

    0:46 anyone noticed the eye blink behind Simon😂😂

  • Amanda Bell
    Amanda Bell 2 meses atrás +2

    Ahhh this was so lovely. Love the friendship between these two ❤❤❤

  • Bien Scampi
    Bien Scampi 2 meses atrás +1

    this very wholesome. this is how we all should aspire to be and treat our colleagues right

  • alex rodley
    alex rodley Mês atrás

    toby is such a thankful humble person i love it

  • Darragh
    Darragh 2 meses atrás +2

    What a wholesome video. Great content Simon keep up the good work.

  • brok
    brok 2 meses atrás +1

    Tobi and Simon's friendship is amazing.

  • Rebekka-Jade O’Sullivan
    Rebekka-Jade O’Sullivan 2 meses atrás +3

    Awh I absolutely love these videos because you can tell how great friends they are

  • Ashen Bones
    Ashen Bones 2 meses atrás

    loved the video. couldn't have happened to a better person. HBD Tobi.

  • Lou Payne
    Lou Payne 2 meses atrás

    As always, these videos are so wholesome and got me smiling till my mouth hurts 🥲

  • ChefBenderr
    ChefBenderr 2 meses atrás +2

    such a wholesome video, probably my 2 fav sidemen

  • Shy Beatz
    Shy Beatz 2 meses atrás

    Happy Birthday Tobi! I hope you have a great one!

  • Polarello
    Polarello 2 meses atrás +7

    this has got to be one of the most wholesome videos i’ve seen in a while

  • Ř€ÑèGÄDË † ⭐️

    This video is actually beautiful, probably my favourite video on BRclip I've seen this year, love it

  • Katie Savin
    Katie Savin 2 meses atrás

    That was the best video, just shows how much caring about your friends ❤

  • Hannah Wellman
    Hannah Wellman Mês atrás

    Stg how exited Tobi was for clothes was adorable

  • musicbyonda
    musicbyonda 2 meses atrás +2

    The love from these two, this is so beautiful!

  • OCUK18
    OCUK18 2 meses atrás +2

    Its mad seeing them both smile makes me smile

  • Manoustormske
    Manoustormske 2 meses atrás +3

    This is the best duo. Love this friendship

  • Nayesha Cormier
    Nayesha Cormier 2 meses atrás +2

    Tobi and Simons friendship is one of the best in the Sidemen 🥺💜

  • AYN
    AYN 2 meses atrás +2

    Nah how is Tobi this nice, hes positive about everything 😭.

  • mars
    mars 2 meses atrás

    this is far too wholesome. i love these lot ❤

  • Shresth Ish igWciVPADt

    It's so nice to see friendship between colleagues.

  • Skepzuki
    Skepzuki 2 meses atrás

    Most wholesome video I have watched so far ❤

  • emolix
    emolix 2 meses atrás +43

    the suspense over months was high for this video 😭

  • Ossnips
    Ossnips 2 meses atrás

    Love the friendship that Tobi and Simon have

  • StarSouls
    StarSouls 2 meses atrás +8

    Tobi is so wholesome bro 😭❤️

  • Hanale Reynolds-Kane
    Hanale Reynolds-Kane 2 meses atrás

    I think it's wierd that every year I look forward to this series throigh whoever joins Tobi with it haha.

  • Siddarth
    Siddarth 2 meses atrás

    This was so wholesome ☺️

  • 777Krone
    777Krone 2 meses atrás +1

    Jheeze love the positivity duo, both great men gonna be legends

  • littlelogan0000
    littlelogan0000 2 meses atrás +6

    17:30 this joke from simon is absolutely MAD! I love it.

  • Kory Purcell
    Kory Purcell 2 meses atrás

    Yeaaah birthday time. I always look forward to these. Love these two.

  • soph
    soph 2 meses atrás

    this video made me smile way too many times

  • aci
    aci 2 meses atrás

    I love these twooo!!!!! tobi's reaction soo cute tho:( he's so precious

  • Harsh
    Harsh 2 meses atrás +2

    This is one of the most wholesome video by simon. Live Long G’s.

  • lov3d_you
    lov3d_you 2 meses atrás

    I remeber watching Tobis video I’m so glad Simon responded back the same energy and everything

  • Zymo
    Zymo 2 meses atrás +3

    Honestly I love these videos because of the friend ship between them

  • Kaung Htoo
    Kaung Htoo 2 meses atrás

    Happy Birthday Tobi 🥳

  • IlIlo_oIlIlI
    IlIlo_oIlIlI 2 meses atrás +6

    You are a very good friend Simon honestly.

  • Brycicle_3D
    Brycicle_3D 2 meses atrás

    these colleagues get along really well!

  • 4ortex_live
    4ortex_live 2 meses atrás +4

    tobi and simon are how i wanna imagen my friendship with my friends

  • unomenum
    unomenum  2 meses atrás +33

    I love how gassed he was for the electric paper plane😭

  • kreherkim
    kreherkim Mês atrás

    Man Simon is such a good colleague!

  • Nagatsumi
    Nagatsumi 2 meses atrás +1

    tobi is the best man, i love him, so genuine

  • Ashleigh Maguire
    Ashleigh Maguire 2 meses atrás

    Such a wholesome video just want I needed on a shitty Wednesday

  • Shreyash Deogune
    Shreyash Deogune 2 meses atrás +7

    13:03 that background dialogue of Harry killed me laughing 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Shilo A
    Shilo A Mês atrás


  • Narcashi
    Narcashi 2 meses atrás

    Simon and Tobi are so wholesome istg 🙏🙏

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    Curtisd17 2 meses atrás

    Love this such a wholesome video